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Amount raised £9457.00

Special thanks to everyone who has donated to the Christmas fundraising
We have raised £9294.00
It’s been a phenomenal success; the generosity of our supporters is overwhelming
All donators’ names are on the website, we have received some amazing messages

Special thanks to
Our admin team, Stuart, Fran, Paul, the Homing Team, Zoe, Kathy, gift aid lady,
Our Social Media team.
Our Christmas fosterers
Our Volunteers in our Christmas video
Our loyal walkers, in sunshine or rain are hands on with our dogs at the kennels.
The kennel staff who care for our dogs

I will continue to update the website and donations till January 1st
if you would like to donate
Thank you!!
Christmas Eve

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue is a registered charity that saves the lives of hundreds of homeless dogs every year.

We offer them a temporary family surrounded by the love of our volunteers.

We look after their health through vaccinations, neutering and the support of our wonderful vets.

We microchip each dog so they never find themselves homeless again.

We help build their confidence and skills before their forever home finds them, safe in the knowledge that we will always be there for them, for life. Our hearts are full but our pockets are empty.

With full to capacity with a long waiting list, no paid staff and no kennels of our own, we are reliant on your generosity to help keep our dogs warm and safe.

Give our dogs a gift this Christmas and let them know you care.

Every penny you donate will be spent on our dogs


are at the core of our rescue, giving what they can to help save and sustain our dogs.

A big hug from all of us and a huge thank you from our dogs.

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue Celebrating Christmas

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